Can Alkaline Water Filters add Health Benefits?

If you have alkaline water filters installed onto your taps it has the ability to split your water into two parts. The water is then separated into two pipes, one will contain water with acid minerals, and the other alkaline minerals. When looking for a quality brand that can last you for many years ensure that you choose one that contains titanium electrodes.

Many health experts promote the fact that in order to reach a state of health is for the body to dispose of waste products that are acidic.

Alkaline water filters can change your water into an alkaline base however, it may depend what is originally in your tap water if the water you drink is safe to drink. The alkaline minerals carry magnesium, calcium, sodium, manganese, nickel, zinc, potassium and iron.

These elements assist your body in becoming more alkaline which will aid in removing harmful toxic acid in the form of waste out of your body. There are some alkaline water filters which come with a cartridge which will allow you to add alkaline elements or crushed coral. This will add in beneficial minerals where the quality of the water is low in minerals.

Can Alkaline Water Benefit your Health?

When people first start drinking alkaline water they will start to feel a lot better in the beginning stages. This is due to a process of detoxification and the body becoming more hydrated. The detoxification period is one of the only benefits of alkaline water and is for short term purposes such as one week.

Guidelines on Drinking Water

The PH of water is important for the water quality and should only be between 6.5 and 8.0 in order to avoid corrosion of your pipes in your home.

Calcium and alkalinity contribute to water being in a stable form which will control the corrosion. Water can become dangerous to drink if pipes are corroded as this can cause contamination of the water.

Alkaline water can pose health benefits on a short term basis, however by changing the PH in your body to only alkaline can cause many health problems in the long run. Some of these problems can include GERD or better known as acid reflux, diarrhea, vomiting and an inability to process proteins in the correct manner.

The safest type of water to drink is water that classified as spring water as it has not being chemically altered in any way.